Our cabin lease is from early January to May of each year. You will have a key and are welcome to come and go as you wish. Keys must be returned if membership is not renewed. The Freestylers Ski Club functions on honest adult attributes. We have very few rules-mostly common courtesy.

Your membership fee is established each year based on projected expenses and revenue. Membership fees are due in full by November 1 of each year and are non-refundable. Members are expected to behave in a courteous and respectful manner at all times and to comply with cabin rules including any annual rules put in place for the benefit of the cabin membership.  The membership committee upon receiving complaints about a member has the power to solve the situation up to and including removal of the person from the Freestylers membership.

A member is responsible for all actions of their guests including guest fees. Please pay by check prior to leaving the cabin. Try to limit your guests to one on all busy weekends. Members must be present at the cabin with their guests. A member may not send a guest to the lodge without the member being there. A member shall not bring a hitchhiker as a guest.

Visits From Previous Members
Ex-members who have moved away from the area (400 miles or more from Sacramento) may use the cabin while visiting the area. Each case must be approved by the lodge coordinator prior to the use of the cabin and the person must pay double the existing guest fee, unless they are the guest of a current member and that member is present.

Sign in Procedures
Upon arrival at the cabin (even mid-week), a member is required to place his/her name and guest(s)  in the sign-in book. This is a courtesy for someone who arrives after you, to let them know who's there. It is also a record for collecting guest fees. You cannot phone the cabin or in any other way have your name signed in or placed in the cuddle arrangements. You must sign yourself and your guest(s) into the book. If you are not signed in, you are not at the cabin.

Cuddle Arrangements
In addition to the sign-in book, we have devised a system to let members know who is in each bedroom. Each of the 5 bedrooms has a name. We have made a display chart with a pocket corresponding for each bedroom. All members will have a name card in the chart. Upon arrival, a member will take their name card and place it in the chart indicating which bedroom they have. They will also place a male or female guest card with theirs, if they have a guest. The next member to sign-in can easily look at the CUDDLE ARRANGEMENTS and see at a glance who is where and what bedroom is available. This is especially important for someone arriving late at the cabin.

Club members have priority for the beds until 10:00 p.m. - on a first come first served basis. On crowded weekends, guests may be assigned to beds in bedrooms after 10:00 p.m.. Few problems are expected as the cabin is large and there are lots of beds (Remember the sign-in book and cuddle arrangements chart).

Clean Up
It is expected and common courtesy to clean up after yourself. Don't forget to scrub the bathtub, sweep the floors, carry out the trash, vacuum the floors, etc.

We have a dishwasher. All dishes should be cleaned and put away upon leaving the cabin. This is only common courtesy. No one likes to have to clean others' messes, nor should they be expected to.

Fights. Disagreements or Verbal Arguments
Fighting at the cabin is not allowed. Anyone fighting at the cabin will be asked to leave. If you, as a member, get in a fight your membership is automatically terminated. If you have a disagreement with another member, report it to the lodge coordinator. If you have a problem with your guest, please resolve it in a way that does not disturb other members. If you have a problem with another person's guest, discuss it with the responsible member. A member is responsible for both themselves and his/her guests. We will not tolerate either a member or non-member arguing with anyone else.

The cabin is a fun place and a retreat for many of us so please leave your problems and your problem guests at home. Other members do not deserve to hear disagreements or verbal abuse.

Our cabin is non-smoking. Please step outside to smoke and take an ash tray with you.

Pets are nice, but they cause problems. Many people are allergic to cats and no one wants a muddy paw on their clothes. Please leave pets at home.

All of the beds have blankets, bedspreads, and pillows. You may bring your own sheets and pillowcases if you wish. You should be prepared, in case you do not get a bedroom to bring and sleep in a sleeping bag. Linen is provided at the cabin. If you use it, please change the bed and wash and fold the linen before leaving. If you use your sleeping bag, please put a sheet under it to keep the bedspread clean.

Food and Booze
There are staples at the cabin. You must bring all other food. Since there is no workable system for sharing booze, it is BYOB. All food and booze are to be stored in the storage area, not in the kitchen.

Another common courtesy area! Toiletries used in the bathrooms should be stored in the bedrooms. Please keep the bath counters clear of your personal toiletry items when not in use. Since early morning usage is busy in each bathroom, use the mirrors in the bedrooms for primping. Bathrooms will be designated as men's and women's for heavy use periods. The upstairs bath is for women and the downstairs is for men. Please be courteous. Others have the same needs as you.

The club is for adults to ski, relax, and party, not for baby-sitting. A person is considered to be an adult if 18 and mature. There is one kids week at Easter.